365 pieces of art. One a day. For an entire year.

Resolve comes to us in many forms. in 2013, for Kathryn Hempel, it took root in her promise to make a piece of art every day. Every day for the whole year. Once finished, she then photographed each piece, and posted it to Facebook everyday for a growing number of followers.

The number itself is staggering, but even more, the commitment to follow through, and beyond that even, the pressure and exhilaration to continue the steak. Not only would she not go to bed until the art was completed, there were followers, too, who couldn't sleep until the artwork was posted each night. Tantalized, like watching a baseball player in the midst of a hitting streak - can she do it again today? What will she do today?

Kathryn's art colors the world around her. Using any available medium, she constructs works as familiar as still lives and family portraits, as recognizable as storefronts and scenes from airports. She also lets her mind wander, laying down abstract images of color and shape. The assignment let Kathryn speak her mind in both an open and veiled manner - human rights, equal rights, disdain for violence, and an appreciation for peace and love. 

Always peace and love. It is the thread that runs through Kathryn's work. Peace and love are the ties that not just bind her work into a whole, but are the wellspring that gives her the vision and inspiration to create. It is how she sees and feels about the world around her.